Wednesday, April 28, 2010

hello blog..its been awhile.....and bagels are the devil's been a long time since I have updated this puppy! We have had a ton going on with moving, taking care of the old place, sick kids and crazy busy business !!!! Happy to report still have not had a greasy fast food burger , fries or soda!!!!! I refuse ....although a diet coke sounds really good sometimes..but I have to think of it as a alcoholism....once i try it again i probably will want more!!! I can live with out it..really it's been 4 months and I am not dying.

Eating has been normal..not bad but not super husband actually went on a week long fishing trip...and boy did I miss his cooking. First of all the kids were so sick..i literally didn't have more than an hour straight to myself for 4-5 days....and I don't i ate bagel and cream cheese, breakfast bagels, bagels sandwiches all week!!!!! Let me tell the end of the week I felt like I gained 20lbs!!!!!! I am not really a bread person...but it was easy and I will never be doing that again..i swear I grew cellulite that week. Bagels are the devil...never again.

So I went to the bank yesterday...called my mom and she happened to be at Macy's headed over to say to looking at the INC clothes and got really excited and motivated.....!!!! I actually found a cute pair of jeans..size 8 that were on clearance for 20.00~~~ score...they are now my hanging motivation..not by any mean the designer jeans I want when I am done..but they are cute!!!! I actually left the scale at our old house...i keep forgetting to go get it so I have no idea how much I weigh...i feel about the same..if not a few pound heavier.....a little less than 2 months to lose 20-30lbs..time to kick it into high gear!!!!