Sunday, January 31, 2010

day 29. Go figure...! finally ...this is what I am talking about....2lb loss this week!!!!!! yahoo! I haven't been writing all week...but need to tell you that is wasn't my best. First of all...I was at target ...decided to get E his mini hot dog..when they decided to put out the new ..warm..fresh chocolate chip cookies out. mmmmm..pms..warm cookies..had to do it. So got home ...ate it..and man did I pay...I had the stomach grumbles for at least 2 hrs...way too much actually wasn't that great. With that being said....attended two parties with great munchies too..but didn't over indulge...still enjoyed i think wow..2 lbs for the week i have had! I also only made it to the gym once this last week....something i have GOT to work on...! For the "normal days" Eating is going strong...i just can't say enough how much i have felt a difference with no fast food and soda..! tomorrow will be 30 days! I don't even miss it a tad:)

Well..i am tuckered out...will post measurements tomorrow..hubby didn't get home until late this morning and i had to run out as soon as he got here!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 22. D day.......reporting good news d weekly weigh in and measurements.......I was really dreading this because my lovely friend PMS is here.....(sorry guys..tmi) So headed up too the scale...and holy crap! Lost 2 lbs this weeks ..probably a little more considering I am as bloated as the good year blimp. YIPEEEEEEE finally! I even took a picture to prove...which I just might do every d day! Here go the measurements:

comparing week one to now

Arms 14 inches 12.75 inches -1.25
chest 43.50 inches 41.25 inches 2.25
belly 42.25 inches 42.50 inches +.25 (guessing this is just PMS bloating
hips 45.25 inches 44.50 inches 0.75
thighs 26.25 inches 26.00 inches -.25
calves 15.75 inches 15.50 inches -.25

again...eating is second nature right now....I am loving that the whole family has been eating well and for the first time when we stock our fridge with veggies and fruit they are getting eaten up and not wasted! I just read a good quote " if it doesn't grow in the ground don't eat it" ...again...i am following this most of the time...however we brought pizza to my best friends house last night..mind you papa murphy' I had to look up the nutritional menu..and really wasn't that bad...and I actually do prefer the delight pizza's over the loaded stuff. If I have been out I have been eating subway or in the case of the pizza just eating a normal portion..feeling great.

Now onto the motivating news we started a rumph family tradition a few years in laws have some places in Hawaii and were bought for the intention of us having family vacations together( yes...we are spoiled) first year we went Ethan was 1 yes..weight...not so happy to be frolicking in a bathing suit..but still doesn't stop me from having fun....second year... was running all summer ..felt great....but not a normal weight by any father in law sent me some pictures the other day and BARFFFF ...omg..if that isn't motivation..what is! So we have not gone in two years ...and this year My in laws bought our tickets for our Christmas present! Yes..again..I know you are all jealous..we are really spoiled!(thanks mom and dad) So really just another reason I will be powering on....oh it's going to be even better this year...we can't wait!

ok..nuff's going to be a great day...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day .....eating still going strong......

oy....i can't believe it's been so long since I have written! Things are still going great! I am in shock...(i know i say this alot...)haven't had fast food or any other drink other than water and almost 3 weeks! That is huge for me. I am feeling good...again..still disappointed at not getting to the gym...i would be giving excuses if I said I was just too busy...but busy doing what..other busy stuff that is more important than my just have not gone..grr! I have a serious problem in which when I want to learn something I have to learn everything about it in a day...! Which some of you know I bought myself a really nice camera for Christmas....and am really loving photography...took shoot camp last weekend...and now I just want to learn!....Editing is so much hard than it looks...i guess practicing i will get better...downside..i just want to do it all day and night..and have been going to bed at 3am for the past couple of nights..not good.

Had a doctor's appointment today....going to test some levels on my hormones..they are all out of whack..don't know if it's my thyroid or just out of whack and not back to normal since having boedy....Hopefully i will find out in the next few weeks!

Thanks to everyone that responded to the supplements..sorry I haven't written back to your emails..hoping to catch up this weekend!

Hopefully some poundage has dropped off this week...i know inch wise I am going great..all my close are loose.....especially above the waste. I am saying it once again...i have to work on working out on a daily's hard to get into a routine with my hubby's sched. ...but did try out the daycare at the Y with boedy...all went I really have no excuse. Maybe it's time to meet up at ruston for the 4 people that am drooling over the bob stroller again....talked myself out of it...but now it might not be such a bad investment...i am dying to get running this summer!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

day 15. oops!

this is week two...thought I should do the measurements many inches lost since week one:

inches lost in two weeks inches

chest -2.25
arm -1.25
belly -1.50
hips -0
thigh -0
calve -.25

Day. 15 MIA...Results are in!

I can't believe I haven't posted in two days! I have been on the go since Friday morning! Got the call From Ashley's sister that the new baby was coming Friday morning.... He was born Friday at 3:22 pm 9lbs and 21 inches long! he couldn't be more perfect! Congrats Josh and Ashley for bringing sweet baby boy Wyatt Adler Wainscott into the world!

Time for weigh in and measurements! So weighed myself this morning.... 192.5 ...trying not to think about the number...because I really do feel great. I really feel like I have lost inches...less bloated..clothes feel that's a plus!

week one

Arms 14 inches 13 inches -1.0
chest 43.50 inches 41.25 inches 2.25
belly 42.25 inches 41.50 inches -.75
hips 45.25 inches 45.25 inches 0.0
thighs 26.25 inches 26.25 inches +.25
calves 15.75 inches 15.75 inches -0

So I might recommend doing a blog to everyone who might be trying to lose really does work! I went to Red Robin with my best friends sister on Friday...anticipating the arrival of the baby...and she had ordered an appetizer...cheese sticks. I stared at them contemplating only wouldn't be bad right??? but the fact that I haven't eaten any fried food in two weeks...I just couldn't break it....because I know I would have to write about it will power is getting strong!

FYI- just an interesting the menu at red robin to pick the healthiest thing on the menu with not going over 600 calories or so.....I was shocked! Did you know the onion ring appetizer is 2000 calories? As well as the appetizer chicken nachos? Almost everything was close too or over 1000 calories....!

Haven't been to the gym in two days...dying to go back today!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 12. Supplements anyone??

So....again...faced with reading all these books, magazines , ect...and you hear take vitamin D, take your omega 3, fish oil...the list goes on and on! I can't help but wonder if it would help flush out the fat if i were to take a healthy supplement..and or vitamins?? Do any of you? How do you get educated on this when again there are so many arrows pointing in many directions. I know if I ask my doctor..she just recommends me taking prenatal vitamins...since she knows I want to have another bambino in the near future. Decisions, any of your advice our comments are welcome !

Got my exercise in today! yahoo! Ethan (my 4 yr. old) had his sports class today at the YMCA. I noticed in the last class there was a mom working out during class at the Elliptical on the outskirt of the gym. Light bulb. So today my husband was so kind to watch Boedy while we were watching E's class and I hopped on the Elliptical! I got a hard 30 minutes in while watching my son play basketball...thumbs up to that! For those of you who have never been to the YMCA ...I highly recommend's such an awesome facility geared towards families....they have so many classes and events to offer...the kids are all signed up for keeps us busy..and WE love going there! (

We then went grocery shopping to pick up a few things....and was so awesome that we pretty much bought all fresh foods.....fruits , veggies..and the kids are loving eating healthy...Ethan even asked for cherry tomato's for lunch today...crazy! I feel really good that I have been eating clean....with treats here and 100 calorie packs or light popcorn....but it's keeping me on track and sane! I can't believe I have made it to day 12 ...really...I have NEVER made it this many days with out eating a hamburger...or fast food...i know sad I lived that way. Hopefully my arteries are able to be healthy still:)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 11. So I indulged a little...

So today I indulged a little tiny tiny bit.... I was preparing the kids lunch and grabbed the "Pirates Booty" , for those of you who don't know what it is's a healthy version of white Cheddar Cheetos! I was still good...I actually knew I could have some if I controlled it with out eating the whole is easy to So I measured one cup...and quickly put the bag away! Surprisingly ..I really didn't want anymore!

I have fallen in love with Rye Krisps. They are the best snack, meal...whatever you decide. I remembered seeing them on Oprah with Bob and best life series.... They are high in fiber and only 50 calories for 2. Really good with thin slice of cheese and some chicken...or cream cheese and sliced apples...YUM! No workout today other than swimming with the munchkin! Hubs is working a 24 have to count as my last day off of the week....since I promised myself to work out 5 days!

Now if I can only cure my insomnia :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 10. Thanks Hubby

Day 10 already! I can't believe we are already half over the week again. I feel great...I have had no greasy fast food, no soda, no juice since day 1 of this journey...and it's making a big difference...I definitely don't feel bloated like I used too. The best part is I don't miss any of them! I was hoping to write more tonight...but I am beat from working out late tonight...yes...I did MAKE time to work out...I went to the YMCA after the kids went to sleep and did the elliptical for 50 minutes...burned a whopping 530 the computer says! Feels excuses....I think everyone can find 30 minutes in their just have to be motivated to get out there!

I want to give props to my husband tonight...He cooked a wonderful meal.. chicken with fresh carrots, broccoli, onions, Peas and 1 tbsp of Rice in the mix. He has been feeling guilty since day two of my blog when he went and got taco bell for dinner and had the nerve to ask me if I wanted any! So I told him I would give him credit where credit is due!

good night! turning in....promise i write something more interesting soon :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 9. TIRED I really felt like I got hit by a truck. I couldn't believe how tired I am. I am wondering if it is from all the changes in eating and exercising? Today My husband went back to work...mind you he has been off since December I sat around the house all day and played with the kids and did some cleaning. Day off from the gym. Realized being home all day i did want to snack...thank goodness I posted this blog and joined mbs...because every time i want to grab for the junk or something easy I am reminded of this commitment! I would suggest it to anyone! Which reminds me...I recieved an email from my friend Jen ....another weight loss challenge and a doctor will be there to talk about hormone balance, nutrition and detox. I will definitely be going...let me know if you want to join me...I will be going to the later meeting...thanks Jen!

"FIGURE 8 - 10 WEEK CHALLENGE - January 25 - April 6th (April 6th is the date we will have our new product release event)
Participants will provide email address and start weight
Weekly accountability phone call will be established
Participants must be using Figure 8 Product line
Winners will be announced at the April 6th event and MUST BE PRESENT to win.
Prizes: 1st prize - Escape to Alderbrook ($250.00 Gift Certificate)

2nd prize - VSpa - Renew & Reactivate Package (includes a 60min. massage -
($170.00 gift certificate)

3rd prize -Shopping at Nordstrom ($100.00 Gift Certificate)

7. First two people to sign up win a DETOX Water Bottle

The night of the event we will also have raffles to give away (each one valued between $60-100)

Raffles: 1 ticket for attending and 1 ticket for each guest you bring - 1 prize per person and must be present to win.

6:30 PM First Raffle - 5 packages
8:15 PM Second Raffle - 5 packages

Dr. Anna Columbini will talk about hormone balance, weight loss and general nutrition. She is an excellent naturopath in the Gig Harbor area. Also, all products falling under the weight loss, nutrition, detox, and balance categories will be 50% off.

Here are the event details:
Comfort Inn
Conference Center
1620 74th Ave SW
Tumwater, WA 98501

session 1: 5-6:45
session 2: 7:15 - 9pm

Also...would like to set up a walk/run Next sunday in the am! comment or email me( below if you'd like to join me at the tacoma waterfront...I am thinking either 9am or 10am?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 8. Results are in....... results are in for weekly measurement and weight!

Before week one

Arms 14.25 inches 14 inches -.25
chest 43.50 inches 43.5 inches 0
belly 43.00 inches 42.25 inches -.75
hips 43.75 inches 45.25 inches +1.50 (think measured wrong:)
thighs 26.25 inches 26.00 inches -.25
calves 16.00 inches 15.75 inches -.25

Weight 196 now 192

So not too bad! 4 pounds lost and inches gone! I think for me with my thyroid issues and making it difficult to lose weight in the first place...exercise really makes a HUGE difference for results...I have no choice ..this just has to be part of my lifestyle 5 days a week! Feeling good and ready to rock this week two!!!!

I received an email from a friend about a wellness workshop next Thursday in Olympia...i will post all the details tomorrow during the day! it's been a long week...I am signing in early! I will make up for it tomorrow! :)

Thanks again to friends and family for all the have no idea how much it means!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 7. Victory for the first time ever.

I am proud to announce that for the first time in my life I don't feel like I started a "diet" I feel like i am bettering my life and big change is going to happen because of it! I can't believe it's literally been a week! It went by so fast....why didn't I do this before?? I never once felt like cheating and eating fast food! I thought my small changes made a HUGE difference....I can't wait to fine tune things over the next weeks and months to come! I need to work on being more organized...something I have always had a hard time with. I feel chaotic and anxious when I don't plan things out....and it just trickles down to everything I do from a day to day basis.

Eating went well that I feel it's possible to eat well with out cooking for hours...My goal for next week is to start WRITING down the calories....

menu today

am -protein bar
lunch 1 chicken breast, light Cesar salad pack
snack peanut butter and apple slices
Dinner 2 mini fajitas with cilantro, onions, tomato's , steak and fresh lime
dessert 1 skinny cow

however did not make to the gym today...Goal for next seven days is to work out 4 days or more.

I have decided that I need to do measurements and weigh in keep myself on track and I will be posting on tomorrow's post!!! YAYYY!

Good night!

PS. I have been reading a lot about the benefits of flax seed. Does anyone eat it daily? If so , have you seen benefits from it? Thanks!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 6. Sleeping in is overated.

Today I am a little bummed. I have been a night owl for the past most of you know I usually stay up until about 3am working like a bee...and sleeping in until 10am. Now that I actually have been going to bed before midnight I still can't seem to get up early!!!! We all woke up at 10am today and my oldest son has to be at pre-school at 10:30am...completely slept through my alarm!!!!! I know most people would kill to sleep in late...but really it makes the day tough and run so behind. So I felt like I was rushed all day...running errands, pre-school, back home to work a little, off to swim lessons at night , back home to eat dinner , rush to the post office and then to Des Moines to drop off my best friends baby seat(whom is due any day now!) and now back home....which leaves no time to work out. I didn't carve a time in today to work out, I didn't make it a priority today....I am bummed. This is exactly what I didn't want to do! Thank goodness there is always tomorrow right? I really feel like I need to start waking up at 7-8am and again..plan better to make SURE I can make my priorities happen. Sleeping in is OVERRATED. (on a side note...I am super sore from kickboxing ...that really worked the abs..i can totally feel it there and ALL over !could barely get out of the car all day...never hurt so good .ha)

Eating went well though...I did go to Starbucks this morning and got the fruit platter with my ever so tasty America no. Oh I was so mad...when I got to my moms and opened the fruit tray half of it was spoiled...damn Starbucks! Still didn't stop me...opted for eating half of what was good and a piece of toast. Lunch consisted of another smart ones meal....followed by an apple for snack. Dinner had a 6 inch subway sandwich...chicken breast with all the veggies I could pile on...and only was pretty darn good! Feeling good...I can feel a big difference from not eating fast

I also want to thank all of you for your emails and comments...I am overwhelmed at the's so awesome. You all inspire me too....I love hearing about your advice and's been so refreshing and I feel like I am so not alone on this journey ahead! I have talked and heard from a few of you wanting to get together and go walking/running got me thinking....??? Couple years ago one of my best friends (Haley) and I started running ...we started committing to all the local races/walk/run was sooo much fun and totally got us addicted to running was awesome to see our improvements over the weeks and we felt so accomplished after each and every race..something I will never forget! Then I got pregnant and she did too and it all went down! So I was thinking maybe we should start our own group???(That way it wouldn't cost anything) On Saturday or Sunday ...maybe once a month to start...we could meet up at the Tacoma waterfront with family/friends/kids ect and walk/run at your own pace and we can time if wanted??? maybe do some toning(weather permitting for this) afterwards for those who want too??? I will post a poll..if there is enough interest I will get working on it! Let me would be great too see you all! I am not begging...hint hint..really I am not :)

(the poll is off to the side on the's a little small..sorry..couldn't figure out how to edit it!)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 5. Kickboxing...need I say more?

So I have some catching up to do from yesterday's post...I was feeling really sick as I was typing and had to go lay down before I threw up my lovely salad!

Went grocery shopping Tuesday....which my husband usually does. I also decided I would look at all the ads and see who has the best sales on chicken, fruits and veggies. Fredmeyer won hands down! Ended up buying 10 salad express bags/kits(on sale 5 for $5..thanks Melissa for telling me)chicken breasts-fresh and frozen, blueberries, grapefruit, apples, red potato's, broccoli, whole wheat bread, lots of soups-low sodium, 48 eggs, 100 calorie packs, veggie steamers, smart ones frozen meals, misc. stuff for the kids...and of course..SKINNY COWS! I didn't go crazy...mind you every time I start a so called "diet" I go buy cottage cheese, yogurt, every fruit and veggie..ect..and about $300 worth of groceries that goes to waste! this time I shopped for about 1-2 weeks of groceries and bought what was on sale and used coupons....surprisingly saved $20 doing a total of $80! Like I said ..I am not going to nose dive into a crazy 'diet" plan...but just changing my habits to eating better right at this moment...and for the first time...I feel like this week has been so easy! At this point in the past I would be sneaking to McDonald's telling myself one time wouldn't So my eating menu today was fabulous..and the kids ate healthy meals as well..and LOVED it!

breakfast 1 whole wheat toast lightly spread with peanut butter
1 grapefruit
couple of blueberries
morning coffee...which by the way i have not finished my whole cup for the past 2 days??? weird for me!
Lunch smart ones frozen meal(broccoli and potato's with seasoning)
snack half of red apple
dinner Asian chicken salad kit
dessert mint skinny cow

I didn't count all my calories and write them down, was aware ...but I thought this was pretty reasonable...and was actually full all day... now onto working out. OH MY! worked out yesterday by doing the elliptical for 30 a good sweat on felt good to work out again. Then today I felt brave and have really been wanting to try out a kickboxing class at the YMCA...drove around the parking lot for about 15 joke (finding parking there is near impossible unless it's 7pm or later) thinking if I don't park soon i am going to miss the class...trying to probably subconsciously talk myself out of it....find a spot and literally have 4 minutes to get my booty to the gym. Walk in...and people are already waiting...thinking ..oh god...i have to do this now that I am standing here...and oh god what was I thinking? It's always that first class of the unknown that makes me petrified! Let me just tell of the hardest workouts I have EVER done...equal or greater to crossfit. So we start the class..and it's already kicking my butt...but in a good way...feeling good...until about half way through I literally could barely kick my leg! lol... I started to feel a little defeated....for those of you who have known me since before kids...I have always been very active and very competitive...I love to push myself to the limits..i have never been one of those girls that goes to the gym to look pretty...i feel like if you don't look like hell at the end of your workout didn't get a workout! ok..sorry..side tracked...anyway...I got really dizzy in the middle of the class and felt like my mind wanted to to the moves but my body wouldn't...and for the first time in a workout I felt like crying...mind you I have never felt like that (no I am not pms'ing either). I took a little break and marched in place...and then finished the class with all the energy that I had. I am so glad I went...I am so glad I pushed through and finished the was really , really challenging...but I will be coming back for more! Needless to say...I am EXHAUSTED. Good night:)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 4. You have to join MBS "Milf By Summer"!

Seriously...Definately going to take home one of the top 3~ this is a great way to pay for my shopping spree in june!!!

This is a must -join...if you are looking for some great motivation and fun!

This was founded by my good friend Jayme..(LOVE YA GIRL!)

(you can join on a private page on facebook.only members can see)



If you are IN for the challenge below, AND MORE IMPORTANTLY THE END PARTY LOL please send MBS a request for membership once you see that I've "cleaned house". FB me with ???s or if you have trouble :o).

MBS 2010 1-2-3 GO!

**(1)** $20 admission fee PAY WITHIN 2 WEEKS OF JOINING

ALL $$ goes towards prizes.

PRIZES THIS YEAR - 3 prizes at $x each

(dep. on membership FOR EXAMPLE with my GOAL of 75 members the first prize will be $750 and the other two will be $375)

50% goes to "most improved"
25% goes to "MILF of the year" (i.e. vote for the **hottest** member, depending on what "hot" means to you)
25% goes to "Miss Congeniality" (i.e. most inspirational - likely the person who posts the most, tracks her progress best, and inspires us all)

(one prize per person, as admin I'm declaring myself ineligible for all prizes)

**(2)** Submit **confidential** before pictures to Jayme

Can be in shorts + sports bra OR a 2-piece bathing suit.
Email to Jayme - these WILL NOT BE POSTED (until June 18th at the party AND, IF you choose, on our confidential group board)

**(3)** Submit **confidential MEASUREMENTS to Jayme (list and instructions will be sent - likely weight and inches measurements of specific areas)

MUST DO ALL 3 TO JOIN. DO NOT NEED TO BE PRESENT AT THE PARTY TO WIN, HOWEVER (4 u out-of-state MILFS). But you might want to book your plane ticket now and keep in mind that I have plenty of sleeping places LOL.


Peace and Love to all you hot mamas!

Sorry you all...I am not feeling well tonight...think hubby passed on his was wonderful...went grocery shopping, worked out...and feel great! I will post more in tomorrow's post!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 3. You have to be kidding me? day 3 and already feeling really good and finding things to keep my mind in motivation mode.

Started the day by taking the time to make breakfast. Two pieces of toast and two eggs.....and the cup of coffee...which I just used a via starbucks packet...they are actually really good! So my mom headed over to the house so we go to the mall and exchange some left over christmas presents. It ended up being great motivation for me....We went to the Nordstrom B.P and I couldn't help but look at all the cute clothes knowing I WILL be going on a shopping spree 6 months from now! I know I should be more excited that I will be healthier, feeling better...but damn's been so long since I have been a size 6/8 I can't wait!

Felt a little bummed...yet again today I got so busy I went long periods of time with out eating....ate breakfast around the time we were done at the mall it was 4pm decided to get a spinach, tomato, pesto sandwhich at starbucks on the way out...only 410 was yummy. By the time I got home I had to get the kids fed and off to I didn't even eat my sandwhich until 5:30ish so called lunch. I really have to bugger down and get this meal plan under control so I am eating 1200=1500 calories a day....but this blog is about being honest and that's what I am going to say ..the truth. So don't worry...i am not trying to starve myself...just lack of planning...with out trying to make bad choices.

Got the kids in bed before 6:30 pm...and was really motivated to go work out...did some things around the house...and finally off to the gym! 9pm I arrive...and no crap....membership is gone...can't work out or join until tommorow.....!!!!ARRGGGG!!! You've got to be kidding me???? Maybe it was a sign when my ipod was On to workout tommorow then...only this time I will be going first thing in the morning!!!!

I still have yet to go grocery shopping. We literally have bread, butter, eggs, coffee creamer, shrimp and apple juice in our fridge!(oh and condiments). So after being denied by the gym I headed over to borders to look at some dieting, motivational, educational...whatever you want to call it..books. Oh my god...seriously there is like 100' do you know what to pick....? I must have sat there for an hour thumbing through mutlitple books. Again...this time around I am not following a so called "diet" or "Program" ...but love to get idea's through mulitple area's. Interesting the first book I open was "eating for your blood type" and I open right to the O blood type...which is me...and it says "we" are more likely to have Low thyroid function and problems which inhibits weightloss....for those of you who don't know I do have a thyroid disease called "Hashimoto's disease"(hypothyroidism). It's basically a auto-immune disease where my body is trying to attack my thyroid because it thinks it's I take medication to help regulate it. Then I start to think? Well...what if I do everything right and I still don't lose weight!!! I found it interesting in this book it says foods that work against my chemistry are wheat, peanut butter and cheese...some of the big ones...and guess what? Those are literally in my top favorite foods! ha! Anyway..I did not buy the book this time...maybe next? The one that caught my eye was the "eat clean diet". I started thumbing seemed very educational and has some great points about how bad processed food is...and how to eat clean for our bodies and I think it's realistic? Maybe? I would love to eat and get used to "clean" natural foods and keep it that way over we shall see! Well..until tommorow...i have a grocery list to make and some reading and planning to do!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 2. Am I seriously doing this???

So I promised I would post a picture..... My husband really laughed when I asked him to take my picture tonight...he said " are you really going to do this?" I said "hell yes" why would I not...why would I try to hide the reality... Am I ashamed ? Not really...I know what got me here...and know what I have to do about it. I am just focused on the end result....focused on putting in front of me everyday what I am and what I look like instead of ignoring the situation. It only makes me work harder to look at it and know I REALLY REALLY want to buy a pair of designer jeans at the end of these 6 months! lol.....

Here are the stats:

Arms 14.25 inches
chest 43.50 inches
belly 43.00 inches
hips 43.75 inches
thighs 26.25 inches
calves 16.00 inches

(I have decided I will do pictures and measurements every month to measure the progress)

It's day two....! I have a major headache and am not in the best of moods today. I don't know if it is lack of sugar or lack of caffeine!lol... Today was a great day. We started with a nice lunch at the Ram with the family. Instead of my usual appetizer and full meal...I decided on a small cup of soup and half of sandwich...and surprisingly I was just as satisfied and full! Still going strong on drinking water...Lot's of water! After lunch we spent the day cleaning and organizing...again..keeping busy and mind off of food! Then came the trip to my favorite store in the world...none other than TARGET! I had to run and get some more storage bins...let me tell was SOOO hard not to grab a diet coke and a pack of peanut butter m&m's at the check out. What the hell, why do they do that? They put all the chocolate and soda's so you can stare at them when you are waiting in line...then I have to slap myself and get back in check! So I realized tonight it was hard...i had gotten so busy working I hadn't eaten in hours..and was getting really irritable... Luckily we had gone to the grocery store today and bought just our meal for tonight (we have yet to go shopping since our trip home...i am trying to plan out meals for the week and then shop...)and I bought a light Cesar salad kit...and remembered that i had frozen shrimp in the freezer...and walla! a fast and easy meal for 400 calories. I really have to get used to making meals and slowing's so easy just to grab what's convenient and it's usually the bad stuff! So far a good day overall....tomorrow it's of to finally start exercising!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day 1 and the truth comes out....196 pounds. it goes...(gulp) 196 pounds...yes I said it. I am officially accountable to admitting that i have let myself go. 196 pounds and unhealthy....things are going to change and I am really excited about this.

Over the holidays I watched a movie called "Julie and Julia" In the movie "Julie" decides to write a blog to test every recipe in the "joy of cooking" in under a year. Something to have a deadline. I had a light bulb moment. I know I HAVE to lose why not write a blog for 6 months with a deadline to lose 50lbs...something to hold me accountable. Something out in the open that I know I must finish..this time for real. This is my blog about my long and hard journey...that I can share frustrations, goals, idea's and accomplishments...and hoping that you can share with me any suggestions!

For those of you who don't know me....My name is Rachel. I am 31 years old ,a wife, a mother, entrepreneur, and friend. I really do love my life and I am truly blessed with literally everything a person could ask for....but I lack one thing in my life...and that is will power when it comes to food! Yes..I love food. I love dinner parties, eating with family, eating my husbands delicious meals, going out to eat, snacking, thinking about name it. Food is good right? I have just been making bad choices for the past 5 years. I am so tired of feeling fat, heavy and not wearing the clothes that I want to wear. I am literally tired of saying I am going too lose weight....tired of joining weight watchers and doing diets only to fail...because I am looking for the "quick and easy" fix. I have come to realize...after a long 5 years...there is no easy fix. Obviously it comes down to changing your habits and eating well and with in the right calories and simple right? I have decided to start with the small changes....1. rule...NO FAST FOOD , rule #2 only drink one coffee a day and water all day (mission accomplished on day one) I will be posting a picture each week of progress...(again..GULP) I only think this will help my accountability and sink in my reality even more....i just pray i don't end up on some calendar as a

It is crazy how when I really want something in my life...i dive full force into it. I can do anything i set my mind to do...but when it comes to losing weight...i really struggle. I LOVE to work out too....nothing like getting a good sweat on and listening to some great music... I have made time for everything else...but taking care of myself...(not to mention i can't remember the last time i waxed my eyebrows or had my toes Well....times are a changing....thank goodness it's 2010...this is going to be the year. The year of big change for myself....and will lead to change for my family , friends, could it not when your feeling good.

I will be writing everyday about my accomplishments and struggles...anyone is welcome to join me, cry with me, laugh with me, lose weight with me, be healthier with me...i welcome any comments and suggestions!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for your support....again..