Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 3. You have to be kidding me? day 3 and already feeling really good and finding things to keep my mind in motivation mode.

Started the day by taking the time to make breakfast. Two pieces of toast and two eggs.....and the cup of coffee...which I just used a via starbucks packet...they are actually really good! So my mom headed over to the house so we go to the mall and exchange some left over christmas presents. It ended up being great motivation for me....We went to the Nordstrom B.P and I couldn't help but look at all the cute clothes knowing I WILL be going on a shopping spree 6 months from now! I know I should be more excited that I will be healthier, feeling better...but damn's been so long since I have been a size 6/8 I can't wait!

Felt a little bummed...yet again today I got so busy I went long periods of time with out eating....ate breakfast around the time we were done at the mall it was 4pm decided to get a spinach, tomato, pesto sandwhich at starbucks on the way out...only 410 was yummy. By the time I got home I had to get the kids fed and off to I didn't even eat my sandwhich until 5:30ish so called lunch. I really have to bugger down and get this meal plan under control so I am eating 1200=1500 calories a day....but this blog is about being honest and that's what I am going to say ..the truth. So don't worry...i am not trying to starve myself...just lack of planning...with out trying to make bad choices.

Got the kids in bed before 6:30 pm...and was really motivated to go work out...did some things around the house...and finally off to the gym! 9pm I arrive...and no crap....membership is gone...can't work out or join until tommorow.....!!!!ARRGGGG!!! You've got to be kidding me???? Maybe it was a sign when my ipod was On to workout tommorow then...only this time I will be going first thing in the morning!!!!

I still have yet to go grocery shopping. We literally have bread, butter, eggs, coffee creamer, shrimp and apple juice in our fridge!(oh and condiments). So after being denied by the gym I headed over to borders to look at some dieting, motivational, educational...whatever you want to call it..books. Oh my god...seriously there is like 100' do you know what to pick....? I must have sat there for an hour thumbing through mutlitple books. Again...this time around I am not following a so called "diet" or "Program" ...but love to get idea's through mulitple area's. Interesting the first book I open was "eating for your blood type" and I open right to the O blood type...which is me...and it says "we" are more likely to have Low thyroid function and problems which inhibits weightloss....for those of you who don't know I do have a thyroid disease called "Hashimoto's disease"(hypothyroidism). It's basically a auto-immune disease where my body is trying to attack my thyroid because it thinks it's I take medication to help regulate it. Then I start to think? Well...what if I do everything right and I still don't lose weight!!! I found it interesting in this book it says foods that work against my chemistry are wheat, peanut butter and cheese...some of the big ones...and guess what? Those are literally in my top favorite foods! ha! Anyway..I did not buy the book this time...maybe next? The one that caught my eye was the "eat clean diet". I started thumbing seemed very educational and has some great points about how bad processed food is...and how to eat clean for our bodies and I think it's realistic? Maybe? I would love to eat and get used to "clean" natural foods and keep it that way over we shall see! Well..until tommorow...i have a grocery list to make and some reading and planning to do!


  1. just an unsolicited suggestion---too much bread in one day. cut your toast to 1 slice in am and try to eat salad and a cup of soup for lunch, salad,veggies and 3 ounces of protein for dinner. get in some fruit(apple with a string cheese for snack in am and nonfat yogurt in afternoon for snack) with your breakfast have a cup of berries or cantalope or grapefruit. it will rev your metabolism and start burning fat---otherwise your body shuts down---this from experience. also get the biggest loser protein drinks mixes at the drugstore diet section---you put them in your water and it fills you up---taste good too. little packets like crystal lite and easy to put into your purse.

  2. My dr's office stresses protein. Not sure if its b/c of my surgery but I have to intake at least 60 grams of protein a day. They always suggest a protein shake in the mornings and suggest unjury or chike. The unjury is nasty as hell to me but I haven't tried the chike. But, I'm going to try that the girl above me recommended. I freakin' hate dieting. I wish we did live closer and we could do all this together!