Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 5. Kickboxing...need I say more?

So I have some catching up to do from yesterday's post...I was feeling really sick as I was typing and had to go lay down before I threw up my lovely salad!

Went grocery shopping Tuesday....which my husband usually does. I also decided I would look at all the ads and see who has the best sales on chicken, fruits and veggies. Fredmeyer won hands down! Ended up buying 10 salad express bags/kits(on sale 5 for $5..thanks Melissa for telling me)chicken breasts-fresh and frozen, blueberries, grapefruit, apples, red potato's, broccoli, whole wheat bread, lots of soups-low sodium, 48 eggs, 100 calorie packs, veggie steamers, smart ones frozen meals, misc. stuff for the kids...and of course..SKINNY COWS! I didn't go crazy...mind you every time I start a so called "diet" I go buy cottage cheese, yogurt, every fruit and veggie..ect..and about $300 worth of groceries that goes to waste! this time I shopped for about 1-2 weeks of groceries and bought what was on sale and used coupons....surprisingly saved $20 doing a total of $80! Like I said ..I am not going to nose dive into a crazy 'diet" plan...but just changing my habits to eating better right at this moment...and for the first time...I feel like this week has been so easy! At this point in the past I would be sneaking to McDonald's telling myself one time wouldn't So my eating menu today was fabulous..and the kids ate healthy meals as well..and LOVED it!

breakfast 1 whole wheat toast lightly spread with peanut butter
1 grapefruit
couple of blueberries
morning coffee...which by the way i have not finished my whole cup for the past 2 days??? weird for me!
Lunch smart ones frozen meal(broccoli and potato's with seasoning)
snack half of red apple
dinner Asian chicken salad kit
dessert mint skinny cow

I didn't count all my calories and write them down, was aware ...but I thought this was pretty reasonable...and was actually full all day... now onto working out. OH MY! worked out yesterday by doing the elliptical for 30 a good sweat on felt good to work out again. Then today I felt brave and have really been wanting to try out a kickboxing class at the YMCA...drove around the parking lot for about 15 joke (finding parking there is near impossible unless it's 7pm or later) thinking if I don't park soon i am going to miss the class...trying to probably subconsciously talk myself out of it....find a spot and literally have 4 minutes to get my booty to the gym. Walk in...and people are already waiting...thinking ..oh god...i have to do this now that I am standing here...and oh god what was I thinking? It's always that first class of the unknown that makes me petrified! Let me just tell of the hardest workouts I have EVER done...equal or greater to crossfit. So we start the class..and it's already kicking my butt...but in a good way...feeling good...until about half way through I literally could barely kick my leg! lol... I started to feel a little defeated....for those of you who have known me since before kids...I have always been very active and very competitive...I love to push myself to the limits..i have never been one of those girls that goes to the gym to look pretty...i feel like if you don't look like hell at the end of your workout didn't get a workout! ok..sorry..side tracked...anyway...I got really dizzy in the middle of the class and felt like my mind wanted to to the moves but my body wouldn't...and for the first time in a workout I felt like crying...mind you I have never felt like that (no I am not pms'ing either). I took a little break and marched in place...and then finished the class with all the energy that I had. I am so glad I went...I am so glad I pushed through and finished the was really , really challenging...but I will be coming back for more! Needless to say...I am EXHAUSTED. Good night:)


  1. Good Girl!

    Hey, my mom dropped a WHOPPING 50 lbs last year & it's b'cuz she excercised (she already ate like a bird, weird hugh) she has been trying to get rid of stubborn belly fat (my nemesis!) Go read about the goodness of VITAMIN D (insert dramatic music here) 'cuz she says 2 a day is totally making a difference in the 'ol muffin top! HA! I need your email so shoot me one so I can mail you a chart I found!
    Love 'ya! xoxoL~

  2. vitamin D? Wow! I keep wondering if I just take a Prenatal vitamin if it would be enough? Send me an email to! LOve Ya too girl...we need to do coffee's going on a year that we've been talking about it!