Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 11. So I indulged a little...

So today I indulged a little tiny tiny bit.... I was preparing the kids lunch and grabbed the "Pirates Booty" , for those of you who don't know what it is's a healthy version of white Cheddar Cheetos! I was still good...I actually knew I could have some if I controlled it with out eating the whole is easy to So I measured one cup...and quickly put the bag away! Surprisingly ..I really didn't want anymore!

I have fallen in love with Rye Krisps. They are the best snack, meal...whatever you decide. I remembered seeing them on Oprah with Bob and best life series.... They are high in fiber and only 50 calories for 2. Really good with thin slice of cheese and some chicken...or cream cheese and sliced apples...YUM! No workout today other than swimming with the munchkin! Hubs is working a 24 have to count as my last day off of the week....since I promised myself to work out 5 days!

Now if I can only cure my insomnia :)

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