Sunday, January 31, 2010

day 29. Go figure...! finally ...this is what I am talking about....2lb loss this week!!!!!! yahoo! I haven't been writing all week...but need to tell you that is wasn't my best. First of all...I was at target ...decided to get E his mini hot dog..when they decided to put out the new ..warm..fresh chocolate chip cookies out. mmmmm..pms..warm cookies..had to do it. So got home ...ate it..and man did I pay...I had the stomach grumbles for at least 2 hrs...way too much actually wasn't that great. With that being said....attended two parties with great munchies too..but didn't over indulge...still enjoyed i think wow..2 lbs for the week i have had! I also only made it to the gym once this last week....something i have GOT to work on...! For the "normal days" Eating is going strong...i just can't say enough how much i have felt a difference with no fast food and soda..! tomorrow will be 30 days! I don't even miss it a tad:)

Well..i am tuckered out...will post measurements tomorrow..hubby didn't get home until late this morning and i had to run out as soon as he got here!

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  1. congrats--you are having good weight loss--miss your daily blogs though. keep up the good work