Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 22. D day.......reporting good news d weekly weigh in and measurements.......I was really dreading this because my lovely friend PMS is here.....(sorry guys..tmi) So headed up too the scale...and holy crap! Lost 2 lbs this weeks ..probably a little more considering I am as bloated as the good year blimp. YIPEEEEEEE finally! I even took a picture to prove...which I just might do every d day! Here go the measurements:

comparing week one to now

Arms 14 inches 12.75 inches -1.25
chest 43.50 inches 41.25 inches 2.25
belly 42.25 inches 42.50 inches +.25 (guessing this is just PMS bloating
hips 45.25 inches 44.50 inches 0.75
thighs 26.25 inches 26.00 inches -.25
calves 15.75 inches 15.50 inches -.25

again...eating is second nature right now....I am loving that the whole family has been eating well and for the first time when we stock our fridge with veggies and fruit they are getting eaten up and not wasted! I just read a good quote " if it doesn't grow in the ground don't eat it" ...again...i am following this most of the time...however we brought pizza to my best friends house last night..mind you papa murphy' I had to look up the nutritional menu..and really wasn't that bad...and I actually do prefer the delight pizza's over the loaded stuff. If I have been out I have been eating subway or in the case of the pizza just eating a normal portion..feeling great.

Now onto the motivating news we started a rumph family tradition a few years in laws have some places in Hawaii and were bought for the intention of us having family vacations together( yes...we are spoiled) first year we went Ethan was 1 yes..weight...not so happy to be frolicking in a bathing suit..but still doesn't stop me from having fun....second year... was running all summer ..felt great....but not a normal weight by any father in law sent me some pictures the other day and BARFFFF ...omg..if that isn't motivation..what is! So we have not gone in two years ...and this year My in laws bought our tickets for our Christmas present! Yes..again..I know you are all jealous..we are really spoiled!(thanks mom and dad) So really just another reason I will be powering on....oh it's going to be even better this year...we can't wait!

ok..nuff's going to be a great day...

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  1. so glad to see that scale go down. You are doing a great job