Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 6. Sleeping in is overated.

Today I am a little bummed. I have been a night owl for the past most of you know I usually stay up until about 3am working like a bee...and sleeping in until 10am. Now that I actually have been going to bed before midnight I still can't seem to get up early!!!! We all woke up at 10am today and my oldest son has to be at pre-school at 10:30am...completely slept through my alarm!!!!! I know most people would kill to sleep in late...but really it makes the day tough and run so behind. So I felt like I was rushed all day...running errands, pre-school, back home to work a little, off to swim lessons at night , back home to eat dinner , rush to the post office and then to Des Moines to drop off my best friends baby seat(whom is due any day now!) and now back home....which leaves no time to work out. I didn't carve a time in today to work out, I didn't make it a priority today....I am bummed. This is exactly what I didn't want to do! Thank goodness there is always tomorrow right? I really feel like I need to start waking up at 7-8am and again..plan better to make SURE I can make my priorities happen. Sleeping in is OVERRATED. (on a side note...I am super sore from kickboxing ...that really worked the abs..i can totally feel it there and ALL over !could barely get out of the car all day...never hurt so good .ha)

Eating went well though...I did go to Starbucks this morning and got the fruit platter with my ever so tasty America no. Oh I was so mad...when I got to my moms and opened the fruit tray half of it was spoiled...damn Starbucks! Still didn't stop me...opted for eating half of what was good and a piece of toast. Lunch consisted of another smart ones meal....followed by an apple for snack. Dinner had a 6 inch subway sandwich...chicken breast with all the veggies I could pile on...and only was pretty darn good! Feeling good...I can feel a big difference from not eating fast

I also want to thank all of you for your emails and comments...I am overwhelmed at the's so awesome. You all inspire me too....I love hearing about your advice and's been so refreshing and I feel like I am so not alone on this journey ahead! I have talked and heard from a few of you wanting to get together and go walking/running got me thinking....??? Couple years ago one of my best friends (Haley) and I started running ...we started committing to all the local races/walk/run was sooo much fun and totally got us addicted to running was awesome to see our improvements over the weeks and we felt so accomplished after each and every race..something I will never forget! Then I got pregnant and she did too and it all went down! So I was thinking maybe we should start our own group???(That way it wouldn't cost anything) On Saturday or Sunday ...maybe once a month to start...we could meet up at the Tacoma waterfront with family/friends/kids ect and walk/run at your own pace and we can time if wanted??? maybe do some toning(weather permitting for this) afterwards for those who want too??? I will post a poll..if there is enough interest I will get working on it! Let me would be great too see you all! I am not begging...hint hint..really I am not :)

(the poll is off to the side on the's a little small..sorry..couldn't figure out how to edit it!)

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