Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 12. Supplements anyone??

So....again...faced with reading all these books, magazines , ect...and you hear take vitamin D, take your omega 3, fish oil...the list goes on and on! I can't help but wonder if it would help flush out the fat if i were to take a healthy supplement..and or vitamins?? Do any of you? How do you get educated on this when again there are so many arrows pointing in many directions. I know if I ask my doctor..she just recommends me taking prenatal vitamins...since she knows I want to have another bambino in the near future. Decisions, any of your advice our comments are welcome !

Got my exercise in today! yahoo! Ethan (my 4 yr. old) had his sports class today at the YMCA. I noticed in the last class there was a mom working out during class at the Elliptical on the outskirt of the gym. Light bulb. So today my husband was so kind to watch Boedy while we were watching E's class and I hopped on the Elliptical! I got a hard 30 minutes in while watching my son play basketball...thumbs up to that! For those of you who have never been to the YMCA ...I highly recommend's such an awesome facility geared towards families....they have so many classes and events to offer...the kids are all signed up for keeps us busy..and WE love going there! (

We then went grocery shopping to pick up a few things....and was so awesome that we pretty much bought all fresh foods.....fruits , veggies..and the kids are loving eating healthy...Ethan even asked for cherry tomato's for lunch today...crazy! I feel really good that I have been eating clean....with treats here and 100 calorie packs or light popcorn....but it's keeping me on track and sane! I can't believe I have made it to day 12 ...really...I have NEVER made it this many days with out eating a hamburger...or fast food...i know sad I lived that way. Hopefully my arteries are able to be healthy still:)


  1. I know what you mean about all the supplements. I am anemic, so I have to take extra iron. I felt the same way when I started reading about vitamins. I think you just have to decide what's important, because I think you can kind of go overboard with supplements too. Also, not all of them are friendly with trying to get pregnant or once you are preggers, so you have to be careful there. Here is a link to a company that I really like. They have a multi vitamin that is called Supermom and it is meant to be a pre-natal but also just a daily vitamin for pregnant/nursing/or moms in general.

  2. Rachel, the problem is that we have lost so much nutrition in the way we eat, processed foods and even the soils have become depleted. We also live where there isnt much sun (vit D) in the winter, and that makes us unable to absorb the all important vit C. 1,000-1200 units of D a day now reccommended.
    TAKE fish oil! I lowered Grandmas cholesterol over 90 points (!from 229 to 137)) in under 6 weeks!!Doctor monitered too,(NOTHING else including expensive RX's ever did that for her) giving her a liquid fish oil, no doesnt taste bad or stink, Carlsons very finest fish oil,cold pressed Norweigan fish oil, I order it on the internet, cruise prices,order bulk its a much better price. A bottle lasts a long time because you only take a tsp a day.I started Grandma on 2 a day,am & pm. It gives you all important Omega 3's, and as important relines and smooths out the linings of your arteries.HIGHLY recommend it.Saw the author of "Skinny girls dont eat salad" and she said she also recommends a womans multi vitamen a day.
    GOOD JOB proud a ya!!
    Love Chris

  3. Fiber is also essential in supporting your bodies natural detox. Dr. Columbini talked a lot about fiber and omega 3 oil (either fish or flax seed). The vitamins I take have mulit mineral, multi vitamin, digestive enzyeme (to help your body process food), calcium, omega 3, hmm, think there is one other. They are in packs so I don't have to think about much, I know they work together and don't duplicate vitamins/minerals/herbs.
    It is a tough one.. good luck.
    For fiber I eat a whole foods diet as much as possible, and add 12 grams of fiber to my diet daily in the form of a powder that I add to my smoothie and/or soup.