Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day 1 and the truth comes out....196 pounds. it goes...(gulp) 196 pounds...yes I said it. I am officially accountable to admitting that i have let myself go. 196 pounds and unhealthy....things are going to change and I am really excited about this.

Over the holidays I watched a movie called "Julie and Julia" In the movie "Julie" decides to write a blog to test every recipe in the "joy of cooking" in under a year. Something to have a deadline. I had a light bulb moment. I know I HAVE to lose why not write a blog for 6 months with a deadline to lose 50lbs...something to hold me accountable. Something out in the open that I know I must finish..this time for real. This is my blog about my long and hard journey...that I can share frustrations, goals, idea's and accomplishments...and hoping that you can share with me any suggestions!

For those of you who don't know me....My name is Rachel. I am 31 years old ,a wife, a mother, entrepreneur, and friend. I really do love my life and I am truly blessed with literally everything a person could ask for....but I lack one thing in my life...and that is will power when it comes to food! Yes..I love food. I love dinner parties, eating with family, eating my husbands delicious meals, going out to eat, snacking, thinking about name it. Food is good right? I have just been making bad choices for the past 5 years. I am so tired of feeling fat, heavy and not wearing the clothes that I want to wear. I am literally tired of saying I am going too lose weight....tired of joining weight watchers and doing diets only to fail...because I am looking for the "quick and easy" fix. I have come to realize...after a long 5 years...there is no easy fix. Obviously it comes down to changing your habits and eating well and with in the right calories and simple right? I have decided to start with the small changes....1. rule...NO FAST FOOD , rule #2 only drink one coffee a day and water all day (mission accomplished on day one) I will be posting a picture each week of progress...(again..GULP) I only think this will help my accountability and sink in my reality even more....i just pray i don't end up on some calendar as a

It is crazy how when I really want something in my life...i dive full force into it. I can do anything i set my mind to do...but when it comes to losing weight...i really struggle. I LOVE to work out too....nothing like getting a good sweat on and listening to some great music... I have made time for everything else...but taking care of myself...(not to mention i can't remember the last time i waxed my eyebrows or had my toes Well....times are a changing....thank goodness it's 2010...this is going to be the year. The year of big change for myself....and will lead to change for my family , friends, could it not when your feeling good.

I will be writing everyday about my accomplishments and struggles...anyone is welcome to join me, cry with me, laugh with me, lose weight with me, be healthier with me...i welcome any comments and suggestions!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for your support....again..



  1. I'm so proud of you Rach! Way to put yourself out there. This is great!!! I'm here, as always, to support you in any way I can so I'll be following along. You can do this. You are amazing and I know this will be yet another accomplishment you will tuck into your cap like a feather.

    I lost 50 in 6 months too, last year. It's totally doable and I hate working out and didn't...not one day, lol! So if you are going to watch what you eat AND work out, you'll be looking so hot by springs end you'll be buyin' up all the bikinis!! ;-)))

    If I can offer any advice, or rather share with you what I did this is what I would suggest: No drinkable calories other than your one coffee. No fast food. Make a food diary and write down every single thing you put in your mouth and its calorie content. I used an iphone app to do it all. I didn't go over 1200 calories a day for the full 6 months. Lost every pound I wanted to within 5. ;-)

    Takes 30 days to start a new habit! I'm super happy for you girlie! Happy twenty ten!!

    xo Amy

  2. Good luck, my friend! I'm here to cheer you on and maybe lose a pound or ten out of inspiration. :) The only scary thing - 1 coffee a day! You go! (I like americanos, so thankfully they aren't laden with the extra calories...whew, that was a close call! haha)

  3. Good on you!! I'm in the same boat, so you're my inspiration...don't let me down ;)

  4. Go Rach Go Rach Go Rach!!!

    You're a ROCKSTAR anyway so I know you can do this!!! Then we'll say, you skinny B----! :) WOOHOO!!!!


  5. Rachel U R amazing! c ya at the park with the kids just as soon as this weather breaks. We can walk Bradley Lake:)

  6. thanks so much everyone! It so encouraging with all of your support and I will do the same to you! cheers to feeling better and losing pizzzounds in 2010!

  7. Thank you for sharing all this! I am the same weight and it must come off!! 2010 is our year lady!!