Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 2. Am I seriously doing this???

So I promised I would post a picture..... My husband really laughed when I asked him to take my picture tonight...he said " are you really going to do this?" I said "hell yes" why would I not...why would I try to hide the reality... Am I ashamed ? Not really...I know what got me here...and know what I have to do about it. I am just focused on the end result....focused on putting in front of me everyday what I am and what I look like instead of ignoring the situation. It only makes me work harder to look at it and know I REALLY REALLY want to buy a pair of designer jeans at the end of these 6 months! lol.....

Here are the stats:

Arms 14.25 inches
chest 43.50 inches
belly 43.00 inches
hips 43.75 inches
thighs 26.25 inches
calves 16.00 inches

(I have decided I will do pictures and measurements every month to measure the progress)

It's day two....! I have a major headache and am not in the best of moods today. I don't know if it is lack of sugar or lack of caffeine!lol... Today was a great day. We started with a nice lunch at the Ram with the family. Instead of my usual appetizer and full meal...I decided on a small cup of soup and half of sandwich...and surprisingly I was just as satisfied and full! Still going strong on drinking water...Lot's of water! After lunch we spent the day cleaning and organizing...again..keeping busy and mind off of food! Then came the trip to my favorite store in the world...none other than TARGET! I had to run and get some more storage bins...let me tell was SOOO hard not to grab a diet coke and a pack of peanut butter m&m's at the check out. What the hell, why do they do that? They put all the chocolate and soda's so you can stare at them when you are waiting in line...then I have to slap myself and get back in check! So I realized tonight it was hard...i had gotten so busy working I hadn't eaten in hours..and was getting really irritable... Luckily we had gone to the grocery store today and bought just our meal for tonight (we have yet to go shopping since our trip home...i am trying to plan out meals for the week and then shop...)and I bought a light Cesar salad kit...and remembered that i had frozen shrimp in the freezer...and walla! a fast and easy meal for 400 calories. I really have to get used to making meals and slowing's so easy just to grab what's convenient and it's usually the bad stuff! So far a good day overall....tomorrow it's of to finally start exercising!


  1. Just read your blog post for Day 1 and Day 2, Rachel. I totally respect you and plan to do soemthing about my out of control weight this year too. Just not sure what yet. And big Kudos to you for the pics. I am embarrased to do it, but I should just do it and put it on my refrig and on my debit card (so I will see it everytime I make a fast food purchase). Years ago I heard of putting a pic of girl in a bikini on the refridge as an incentive NOT to eat, but I am thinking the opposite, but the photo of me up. I went shopping the "after-Christmas" sales and I was so disgusted at my shape in the clothes that I WANT TO WEAR. Now if only I could come up with my own plan.

    By the way, I watch Julia&Julia this past weekend too. Neat story!

    I will be following you! Good Luck!

  2. oh thanks jamie! you can do it..if I can you can!!!! You are totally in the same situation I am with working and never ending just took a big break and now is the time to MAKE time to work out...the years just kept passing me I really need to do something..i am so tired of not feeling like the real me! you can do it jamie!!!!!

  3. I am so proud of you and SUPER excited to read your progress. I know you can do it! I've lost 37lbs since my surgery but I need to step it up something FIERCE!

  4. it is exciting to read your blogs and I know you will do it rachael---you can accomplish anything you want. You shouldn't have to give up caffeine---just don't load the drink with milk and sugar. It counts into your water and keeps the headaches down. Also, start taking vitamin Bs--it speeds the metabolism. Get them at costco or trader joes. drink lots of h2o it washes out the fat.

  5. Rachel, I am SO excited for you! I made the commitment about a year ago to make some big changes and I'm loving it! I want to be in the best shape of my life when I turn 35... and then again when I turn 40. I'm already in the best fitness wise, and so close in terms of clothing.
    I took small steps, once I was in the habit of working out 3 days a week, I upped it to 4, etc. Also, one day as I complained that I didn't have time to really work out a friend said "well, you have 20 minutes don't you?". It really helped to have her call bullshit on me. Once I lost the excuse of not enough time, and just started using what time I had... things really changed. As for fast food... I only allow myself to get a 4 piece chicken nugget. At least I have an option when faced with going to the drive through. Life can get busy!
    Can't wait to read your updates, LOVE that you got the inspiration from Julie and Julia.
    I'll send you a message separately but want to at least mention that I'm helping to host a Wellness workshop on sat the 14th. I bet you would really appreciate being there. I'll follow up with you.