Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day. 15 MIA...Results are in!

I can't believe I haven't posted in two days! I have been on the go since Friday morning! Got the call From Ashley's sister that the new baby was coming Friday morning.... He was born Friday at 3:22 pm 9lbs and 21 inches long! he couldn't be more perfect! Congrats Josh and Ashley for bringing sweet baby boy Wyatt Adler Wainscott into the world!

Time for weigh in and measurements! So weighed myself this morning.... 192.5 ...trying not to think about the number...because I really do feel great. I really feel like I have lost inches...less bloated..clothes feel that's a plus!

week one

Arms 14 inches 13 inches -1.0
chest 43.50 inches 41.25 inches 2.25
belly 42.25 inches 41.50 inches -.75
hips 45.25 inches 45.25 inches 0.0
thighs 26.25 inches 26.25 inches +.25
calves 15.75 inches 15.75 inches -0

So I might recommend doing a blog to everyone who might be trying to lose really does work! I went to Red Robin with my best friends sister on Friday...anticipating the arrival of the baby...and she had ordered an appetizer...cheese sticks. I stared at them contemplating only wouldn't be bad right??? but the fact that I haven't eaten any fried food in two weeks...I just couldn't break it....because I know I would have to write about it will power is getting strong!

FYI- just an interesting the menu at red robin to pick the healthiest thing on the menu with not going over 600 calories or so.....I was shocked! Did you know the onion ring appetizer is 2000 calories? As well as the appetizer chicken nachos? Almost everything was close too or over 1000 calories....!

Haven't been to the gym in two days...dying to go back today!

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