Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 8. Results are in....... results are in for weekly measurement and weight!

Before week one

Arms 14.25 inches 14 inches -.25
chest 43.50 inches 43.5 inches 0
belly 43.00 inches 42.25 inches -.75
hips 43.75 inches 45.25 inches +1.50 (think measured wrong:)
thighs 26.25 inches 26.00 inches -.25
calves 16.00 inches 15.75 inches -.25

Weight 196 now 192

So not too bad! 4 pounds lost and inches gone! I think for me with my thyroid issues and making it difficult to lose weight in the first place...exercise really makes a HUGE difference for results...I have no choice ..this just has to be part of my lifestyle 5 days a week! Feeling good and ready to rock this week two!!!!

I received an email from a friend about a wellness workshop next Thursday in Olympia...i will post all the details tomorrow during the day! it's been a long week...I am signing in early! I will make up for it tomorrow! :)

Thanks again to friends and family for all the have no idea how much it means!


  1. congrats---4 lbs. in one week is terrific---keep up the good work

  2. Wow! 4 pounds in one week, especially your first week is awesome! It really helps motivate you to keep going... looking foward to my first five pound loss.

  3. are the bomb, a true inspiration and badly needed this morning, just after I cleaned out Dougs cat litter box(gross) and contemplate getting the last of my storage unit cleaned out!! Love the numbers, but love you more. Chris