Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day. 64 .... OMG I finally hit 180! i am just fired for not taking the time to blog...i work off of two computers and when I think about it...i keep putting of the posts because i don't have pictures on my lab top to post of the i procrastinate..then get busy and it never gets done!!!!! Today i am posting!!! ps..i finally painted my toe nails..hehe

I am thrilled to say that I am down to 180 mark!!!!!! It's been so long since I have been down to even that....not being pregnant(because of sickness i lost a lot with both boys) Now that it has been so many days.....bad food is easy to say no to on an everyday basis. Don't get me wrong....I do splurge once in awhile....I do eat movie popcorn when i go to a flick...i have had Dairy queen twice in these 64 days....and also eat pizza...but in moderation. I don't go crazy and eat 8 pieces just because it's there! When i say I don't eat fast food anymore...i am talking burgers, fries, greasy stuff....i completely stay away. I have found a new addiction....thanks to my good friend Ashley.... she told me about the dried fruit at Starbucks....if you haven't tried it's a must! The pack of mango's is just the right sweetness to fulfill your cravings......and only 120 calories per bag! I am not really counting calories at this point....i just know each meal should be about 500 calories...with common sense snacks..and only water and coffee for me.

I recently had my thyroid medication increased in December and I have to say I think that is playing a big part in my weight loss.....obviously eating is huge...but I feel like my metabolism is getting somewhat back to normal functioning!

Exercise...ugg...i don't know why this is such a struggle for me.....and funny thing is I LOVE to exercise....i just can't seem to get in a routine and make the time...make it so it's just like brushing my teeth in the morning! I can't find my damn ipod charger either...and definitely can't exercise with out it....sigh**** I need music to get me pumped! i only wonder where I would be right now if I had added exercise into my daily routine. I am also thinking about borrowing P90X from a friend..i have heard it's killer...but again...only if it's being used on a daily

It is amazing how this had made me feel so much better...for anyone that has been heavier at some point in your might not realize how much it affects you until you lose...just in everyday moving around ..physically. So worth it! It might be time to do some shopping...all of my jeans are falling off....great problem to have..but i also don't want to buy anything right now! I am really looking forward to be able to buy the summer clothes I have wanted to buy for 5 years..and not to mention feeling good in Hawaii in august! This accomplishment of losing 26 lbs since Christmas (was 206 then) far more out weighs a cheeseburger any day! Thanks again everyone for all your truly does mean so much...and you all are inspiration to me also!


  1. You inspire me! I have walked the last two days. I've been cutting back and trying to eat healthy for about a month. I think some I have to get more serious and add calories or something, just for a while, not forever. I couldn't do it forever.

  2. GO RACH, GO RACH, GO RACH...I'M DOING A HAPPY DANCE FOR YOU! Hey, maybe I'll lose a couple pounds doing this dance! teehee xoxoL~