Sunday, March 14, 2010

day 71. Lucky number 7

Finally did my measurements too! this is the total lost since january

neck: 14 = -.25 inches
arms: 12 = -2.25 inches
bust: 40.75= -2.75 inches
stomach: 40.5= -2.50 inches
hips: 43.75 = 0 inches
thigh: 25.5 = -.75 inches
calf:16.00 = -1 inch
9.50 inches lost overall so far!!

yay!!!!!!! Reporting weight today 177! i was surprised..but not surprised...this week was incredibly busy for me that i had to stop and make time to eat! Lot's of changes around here.....we are getting ready to move! Hooray! Most of you will have no idea how much this change will mean! It means I can actually walk outside my door and go for a walk! We are moving back to Bonney Lake...we lived there for 3 yrs when we first got married and realized how much we loved after we left. We are moving to neighborhood called sky's beautiful and huge! Great community and lovely for exercising...i can't wait to re-connect with old friends and go for walks or bike rides with the boys everyday!...and on HUGE side more hand washing dishes...we are moving into the 21st century again! lol

Summer is fast approaching....for those of you who didn't know..i just launched my new website ( ) for photography earlier this week...hence the reason i probably lost 3lbs..since i worked on it for 3 days straight..literally! Now I know why web designers get paid big bucks! So any who...i have been booking into the summer months already and just realizing how fast it;s really coming!!!!! I am telling everyone that might need a little motivation...just get past that first month and it gets really easy to see the goal true and honest with yourself and it will do wonders on making you feel so good. Good to finally actually being pro-active and not just talking about it. I am sick of being heavy and wonder why i didn't do this months/years ago!!!!! I owe it to myself and family to be healthy and be the best person i can be. I may have 37 lbs more to go ...but i am excited and feeling full of life to make it this far..and time is just flying! Have a great week everyone!!!!

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  1. You go girl! Love ya...Melissa :)