Saturday, July 17, 2010

Catch up on my weekly log....swing back a week until today i have been keeping a food journal and workout log on paper that i hope to share with you all to prove anyone can do this..... Just to catch up...last Sunday i signed up for The body camp challenge in Sumner. It has been so does remind me of the biggest loser...haha! So i am going to take you through my weekly log to catch up.

Sunday... 2 hr orientation for body camp

Sat down with Katie(owner) from the body studio and we all got handed out our packets for body camp.....awesome. I love reading! We went over our foods section first...We got a great food list of do's and don'ts....a shopping list and a mock journal of a daily plan for 7 days....easy to follow. Part one is our detox stage...the first two weeks no carbs or sugar....the idea of the first weeks is to maintain the idea of eating whole foods.....then putting the GOOD carbs back in later. The idea is to be healthy..not just for weight loss.....but really these are the foods are body should be digesting just say no to processed! haha! This truly is not that hard for me personally because i love veggies...and meat...i just have a hard time when i don't prepare and i grab for those easy processed foods! My main goal is to make this a is required to be healthy. I could go on and on...i have a ton of information on this in our packet...but i think you get the point!

Day 1 8am workout

Warm up: 25 sit-ups
25 ball thrusts(works core/lower abs)
50 side curls (25 each side)
25 sit up ball transfers( big ball transfer to your legs when you do a v-up
sit up and back to your arms)

workout...30-40 min cycling....stretch for cool down

Thinking ...this isn't too bad...a good workout...but didn't die.

Food : Emerald city smoothing (low carb no banana)made especially for us boot camp
people..down in the Sumner location)
meal2 : bowl of non fat cottage cheese, 10 cherry tomato's good!
meal3 : 10 sugar snap peas
meal4 : 1 chicken breast...fresh steamed veggies, broccoli, sugar snap peas,
72 oz of water today

Also got weighed in today for the first time...i am a whopping 205.3 lbs..44 inch hips and 43.5 in waist...holy cow! I didn't get enough meals in today. Jerett and i went shopping on this morning and came home and prepared some chicken breast for the week...made a meal plan.
Felt pretty good to have my workout done in the was hard mentally not to grab for chips and salsa...(one of my favs)'s just mentally thinking about what's right and stopping those habits!

Day 2: 8am workout
Warm up:
25 sit-ups
25 ball thrusts(works core/lower abs)
50 side curls (25 each side)
25 sit up ball transfers

Workout: Filthy 50 ( sounds bad and is bad)
50 reps of all these exercises

50 Wall Ball shots (throwing ball up on wall catching down into a squat)
50 burpees (hmmm how do i explain this...look it up on google)
50 sit ups
50 Box Jumps
50 Jumping Pull-ups
50 Kettle Bell swings
50 Walking Lunges meaning 50 each leg...not joking
50 Knees to Elbows (hanging from a get the picture)
50 Push Press (8lb)dumbbells
50 Back Extensions
then stretch to cool down...i did not get to burpees(saving the worst for last...but ran out of time!)
Felt pretty out of shape today...I am not going to was brutal...but honestly felt good to be here.
I always eat breakfast after i get home in the am after my eating starts about 9:30am

meal 1: 1 chicken breast wrapped in lettuce..with a tad of ranch
meal 2: half of tomato with 1.5 cups of lean ground turkey
meal 3: 2 Egg Fluffs (have recipe for these and pictures to blog ..fabulous idea)
meal 4: 1 chicken breast with salad, non fat sour cream, salsa, low fat shredded cheese
80 oz of water today

again...i did not plan ahead...had a friend over visiting and time just pasted and rushed to E's soccer game for two hours...then 4 hours went by with out eating...thinking i need to pack the night before so i can have a bag ready to go out the door with!

Day 3: 8am workout
Warm up:
25 sit-ups
25 ball thrusts(works core/lower abs)
50 side curls (25 each side)
25 sit up ball transfers

Workout: Ran to nearby park..(not sure how far..but seemed
50 burpees
50 sit ups
run around the loop at the park...stop at half way point and do 50 lunges..
run back to playground...
50 triceps dips on benches
50 squats
run to the hill in the park
bear crawl up the hill and down...
run back to body camp facility...omg..thinking i might die at this point..haha ..but nope...i made it!

meal1: 2 taco egg fluffs with 1/2 avocado
meal2: body camp smoothie from Emerald city smoothie
meal3: 1 salad stalk, 1 chicken breast, 1 tomato, salsa, bit of nf sour cream, bit of cheese
90 oz of water today

Today ..again..i did not plan so well for being on the go...had to run to the doctor..which took hours to wait and get my vitamin shots, follow up on ADD meds...finally back home 4 hrs later...grr!

Day 4. 8am workout
warm up:
25 sit-ups
25 ball thrusts(works core/lower abs)
50 side curls (25 each side)
25 sit up ball transfers

Run 1 mile..timed.. 12:41
good 20-30 min kick boxing with bags..(ugg..the gloves stink bad..enough to make u hurl
Then stretching/Pilate's....

At this point i am so sore i can barely walk down the stairs at home..or even get out of the car...but at least i showed up and did it!

Meal1: 2 egg fluffs with 5 slices of cucumber and bit of nf cream cheese
meal2: 1 chicken breast with 5 mushrooms, and 1/2 orange bell pepper...bit of ranch
meal3; whole cucumber raw (packed it on the go..ate in the car..haha)
meal4: handful of raw unsalted peanuts
meal5: bowl of nf cottage cheese and cherry tomato's and pepper

Today was so much better on eating...and i feel so good! Also started pms today...usually i would be keeling over with cramps..but so far so good..wonder if this has to do with my eating?? and no caffeine? by the way you can have caffeine ..i just choose not to mix with my medications...i have been off of caffeine for about 3 weeks now.

Day 5. REST DAY...praise the lord

meal1: scrambled eggs with ground turkey
meal2: NF cottage cheese with cherry tomato's
meal3: cup of peanuts and 1 avocado
meal4: chicken breast with salad, tomato and ranch
meal5: 70 calorie sugar free fudge pop

72 oz of water today

So hard to get 7 meals in! grr! I had a little bit of a sweet tooth today..but the fudge pop cured it....

Saturdays everyone from all the body camps have a class at 9:30am..then 10-11am we work out together

Warm up (I thought this was our workout..come to find out it was only a warm up)
(had a 20min class on how to do squats properly..worked on form )

15 reps of these exercises 3 45 total!!!!
sit ups
jumping pull ups
back extensions
triceps dips

21 wall balls
21 sit ups
21 jumping pull ups
run around the block (3times equals 1 mile)
15 wall balls
15 jumping pull ups
15 sit ups
run around the block
9 wall balls
9 sit ups
9 jumping pull ups
run around the block
timed : my time was 26.02sec

mind you i have not cheated once...i honestly have had no other cravings for's just the mental part of not being about to drive and go to Starbucks to pick up a drink or a snack or go get ice cream at night! too be completely honest i am so tired at night from working out..i just want to go to is the last thing on my mind! i know there are going to be many challenges ahead...but this week has been great..i feel good..i really do..and even on pms(sorry guys..tmi)!I really think that having no fast food or soda..and knowing i accomplished at least that since January..i have better will power than i have ever had before...honestly i just want to be in shape so bad....I know i am not that person that is 205 lbs...inside i am not! more to come! thanks for reading!!!

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  1. good job--don't envy you but I know you will do well. Wish I could do some of the exercising but no such luck right now. Keep up the good work and I will continue to enjoy your blog----here's rooting you on!!!!!!!