Thursday, July 15, 2010

What's been happening????

Ok...I am waiting for the sun to go down in my office so i can start editing photo' in the meantime i thought i might catch everyone up on what's been going on!!!!

So i was doing so well...up until we started moving in April. Was down to 177lb...and now i am back up to 204 What the hell! it's crazy how you can just gain so fast! well..guess it has been 4 mths....but mind you i still don't drink any soda and no fast food such as greasy fries and hamburgers...i have not since January one...there was one night i hadn't eaten for hours that i did have some chicken nuggets....but i think one time out of almost 8 mths is pretty darn good!

So I was pretty disappointed in myself for not completing my goal...but i was pretty excited that i have stuck to no soda and no greasy McDonald's burgers and fries! Now for the weight gain....i guess i can chalk it up to not caring when we moved...being so fat and happy at where we live now...this has been life changing for our family and we just love living here with everything it comes with...couldesac...friendly neighbors..nice clean cheery home ..beautiful views ...very could just go on and on ! oh and did i mention that i live about 2 minutes away from dairy queen.....arggg! damn blizzards! I have also had some medical issues come up recently....about a month ago i went and saw a doctor whom diagnosed me with A.D.D. most of you who know me well this may not come as a surprise! (i could and will write about this in another post..but for now we will leave it at that!) I started on medication about 1.5 mths ago...and this particular medication made me extremely was crazy...! I also found out my iron level was a 3...mind you normal minimum low is 30!!!!!! and my B12 was a 4 and again..normal low is 30. My vitamin D was also extremely low..but with our weather i think the whole state could be in the same boat! Needless to say I am horribly deficient in my vitamins which can do A LOT to mess up your body! I am now on some pretty heavy vitamin doses and B12 shots to help my body get back up to where it needs to be! I will be re-tested in about 3 wish me luck! No wonder i am so tired all the time! What a good wake up call though...really puts into perspective on asking myself "why do i want to lose weight" shouldn't be because i really want to fit into a damn pair of designer jeans....really i need to do this so i can be healthy...for sanity. I have been fighting this battle now for 5 I am very tired of it...i have to come to the realization that I DO have to eat well....I can't just not think about what i am eating...why my body needs the fuel it can lose weight all day long by counting calories in any foods...but are you giving your body the foods it needs and wants and should have??? No. So I did start working out with a friend a few weeks ago..nothing big..just cardio... and one day ran into a friend at Target (thanks Jen:) and she had told me about a boot camp she just started.... I was sooo interested! Mind you this was last Wednesday....and by Friday I knew I had to do it! I have always wanted to do something like biggest loser....something that was along the lines of boot camp....5-6 days a week with a structured group of people that are all in the same position ....wanting to feel good, lose weight and be healthy. This is it. I found a boot camp....that is close to my house (5 min) has every time slot available 6,7,8,9am,5,6,7pm to choose from and child care!!!! There was no excuse...couldn't be more perfect! Thanks to Ashley, Chelsea, Heidi,Chelsea's hair stylist and Amy....who are all joining and we were able to get 50% off for 8 weeks for all of would have not been possible! So I have decided to keep my journal once again on this blog of my everyday feelings, workout and diet to keep track of my goals...there is no room for fail....I won't let it happen..especially since I will be going to Hawaii for two weeks at the end of august and really don't want to buy a mu mu for a bathing suit! Thank goodness for second chances and thanks to all of you who are an inspiration to me and have been such a great support since i started this "ugly 50" blog! I'm BACKKKKK.


  1. So proud of you Rach...I know you can do it!!! I wish I was doing it with you...maybe if you end up doing it again...I will be able to join in :) Keep up the good work...your are amazing!!! ~Melissa